A powerful and innovative feature set


Visual Graphic Discovery Mapping

Scan your multi-cloud environment in Real-Time and convert it into Visual Graphic Map (Infographics). Crowdsource the assistance of users to scan the entire resources of multi-cloud environments.

  • Automatic Discovery
  • Full Blueprint Mapping
  • Real time Monitoring

Cloud Governance & Security Management

Develop Governance & Security policies and bind them to individual resources on the Visual Map Gain real-time visual insights across the full spectrum of business areas, including resource management, governance, security and costings.

  • Easy Governance & Security deploy.
  • real-time visual insights.
  • Visual resource management.

Resources & Role Dependency Mapping

Automatic Mapping and Monitoring of all the permissions, Dependencies and RBAC Connections of your multi-cloud users. Take real action on everything from simple alerts to user activity suspension.

  • Permissions Monitoring.
  • Dependencies and RBAC Mapping.
  • Alerts & Real Action.


Gain visual real time insights across the full spectrum of business areas, including resource management, costings, security and governance

  • Auto Shout Down.
  • RI Management.
  • Budget Bucket.
  • Full Costs Optimization.

Regulation Complacence

SUNSPOTS.cloud allows you to manage risks more effectively than ever before, enabling you to develop policies and embrace innovation without worrying about data violation. Our secure, intuitive platform lets you:

  • Quickly identify Risks.
  • Minimise data Breaches.

Consumption Monitor & Budget Bucket

Manage your budget the easy way with our multi-cloud finance management solution. Define individual budgets, gain valuable insights and keep track of your expenditure, so you can avoid any nasty surprises. Features include:

  • Easy to view costs on a Visual Maps.
  • Breakdown of Costs and Usage.
  • At a glance cost Analysis.
  • Reports and departments.

SunSpots Partners Basic Plan

The SunSpots.Cloud platform is flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of your customers as you scale in the cloud. Partners MSPs and CSPs trust SunSpots.Cloud to achieve visibility and control over their public multi cloud infrastructure. With our easy to use, white-label system, the SunSpots.Cloud platform will give your clients a holistic approach to their unique cloud environment.
You will be able to deploy as many customers that you want with the BASIC Partner Plan that includes:

  • Advanced MSP\CSP Management Tools
  • White-Labeling
  • 24x7 Support
  • Unlimited Customers Deploy
  • Multi Cloud Coverage
  • Consumption Monitor
  • Usage Business Intelligent (BI)
  • 3 Users (per customer)
  • 1 Cloud Connector (per customer)
  • 1 Budget Bucket (per customer)

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